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The Best Tablets For 2015

Here is a our list of the best tablets available out there right now, updated for April 2015

What is clear is that the tablet market was completely redefined and reinvented by Apple following the release of the iPad back in April 2010. Until then the tablet was a niche device that didn’t really have a much adoption in the mainstream at all. Since the release of the iPad there has been an explosion of tablet devices and now everyone seems to have a tablet offering.

The big problem is that the entire market is still, 5 years on, playing catch up.  Apple have dominated this niche since 2010 and they still do today, with their iPad and iPad Mini models still consistently leading the way and keeping the competition at bay.



#1 – Apple iPad Air 2


Apple iPad Air 2

Apple started the mass adoption of tablet devices so it seems only fit to see them have 3 devices in our top list. The iPad Air 2 is their latest and greatest edition.  They may be following up soon with a larger screen version shortly to further compliment the range but be in no doubt, this is the best-selling and best-rated table available today. Thanks not only to the amazing user experience and beautiful hardware design, but also thanks to the incredible app store and the way it ties in beautifully with the rest of the Apple ecosystem, with iTunes, iCloud etc, that so many of us have invested it.

The Air 2 now comes in 16GB, 64GB and 128Gb capacities, still comes with Wifi-only or Cellular-capable options, and comes in the updated Apple colours.  Compare the models here.

Great for: Everyone who can afford one. This is a great full-sized tablet that really continues to set the standard for the rest.

Pricing at time of posting starts from £356.00.



#2 – Apple iPad Mini 3


Apple iPad Mini 3

Steve Jobs said he would never release a smaller screen version of the iPad but thank goodness they did.  The original iPad mini had some amazing design touches that later lead to the iPad Air looking and feeling so good.  Now in its 3rd generation, the iPad Mini 3 has established itself as worthy little brother or sister to the mighty iPad. This little gem has a great processor and a fantastic Retina display that makes it perfectly capable of doing anything its bigger sibling can, just on a smaller screen.  Its smaller size makes it great for travelling and less bulky.  Truly a great device that really has made a big impression, especially for users who thought the full-sized iPad was just too big.  It is great for kids to use too, making it the tablet of choice for the younger generation to hunger after.

This 3rd generation model features the updated specs and includes TouchID.  Like its larger sibling, it comes in comes in 16GB, 64GB and 128Gb capacities, still comes with Wifi-only or Cellular-capable options, and comes in the updated Apple colours.  Compare the models here.

Great for: Everyone who wants the best that Apple has to offer in a tablet but can’t afford the full iPad Air 2 or who doesn’t want the additional bulk of a full-size tablet.

Pricing at time of posting from £286.00.



#3 – Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact


Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

The Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact is very impressive. It’s small on bulk, it’s big on performance and Sony really have delivered a winner with this one. Not only does it feature a fantastic 8-inch display, feature 4G / LTE connectivity but it is also waterproof! If you also have a Sony PlayStation 4 then this is the perfect partner as you can use the the PS4 Remote Play on your tablet.  This, along with the great range of apps and accessories that Sony do a great job of supplying then you really do have a great tablet.

Great for: Everyone who loves their Sony products and has a PS4.

Pricing at time of posting from £299.99.



#4 – Microsoft Surface Pro 3


Microsoft Surface Pro 3

No list of great tablets or laptops would be complete without Microsoft’s most recent masterpiece. Don’t get me wrong, Windows 8.1 is better than Windows 8, though clearly it wasn’t as much of an improvement as most were hoping for, however, this powerhouse of a device is the best attempt at a tablet / laptop compromise that anyone has produced. If you are someone who loves or needs Windows, this is a great option for you to use.

With models starting with Core i3 processors and 128GB or storage, up to Core i7 processors with 512GB of storage, this really can be a phenomenally useful piece of kit in the right hands and really can replace the laptop you carry everywhere with you at the moment.

Great for: Windows users who want to keep working on the go and even replace the existing bulky laptop. The Surface Pro 3 really can replace your laptop.

Pricing starts from £639.



#5 – HTC Google Nexus 9


Google Nexus 9

Another great in the current crop  of Android tablets is the HTC Google Nexus 9.  This beautifully crafted device has some great specs and really it a lovely piece of kit that really takes advantage of the latest Android OS.  One thing that does slightly let all Android devices down is how far behind the range of apps are when compared to Apple.  However, if you are an Android lover then this is the best of the current bunch. The Nexus 9 replaces the incredible Nexus 7 and continues its great legacy.

Great for: Android OS users who aren’t tied into the Apple iOS ecosystem.

Pricing at time of posting from £299.00.



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