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The Best Gaming Tech For 2015

Here is a our list of the best gaming tech available out there right now, updated for April 2015.


#1 – Sony PlayStation 4


Sony Playstation 4 - TOUK

There is no getting around it, the PlayStation 4 from Sony is the best games console out there.  It the certainly the best of the new generation of consoles and Sony have really focused on making the PS4 the console for the serious gamer.

Great for: Serious gamers who want to be on the cutting edge and who love the games that are PlayStation specific.

Price at time of update = £329.95.



#2 – Microsoft Xbox One


Microsoft Xbox One - TOUK

The PS4 may be winning the war with the serious gamer but the Xbox One is targeting being at the centre of your living room entertainment as well as giving you a great gaming experience.  The power of the One is incredible and Microsoft are aligning themselves will all kinds of providers to make sure you have access to all kinds of audio visual services.

Great for: Taking your living room entertainment to the next level whilst giving you an amazing gaming experience.

Price at time of update = £289.99.



#3 – Xbox 360 500GB


Microsoft Xbox 360 - TOUK

With the new generation of consoles not yet truly delivering on their promises of amazing graphics and a quantum leap in gaming the aging old generation still have plenty to offer.  The Xbox 360 is still an amazing console with plenty of titles and plenty of clout to deliver a fantastic gaming experience.  Xbox Live is still amazing and now that the Xbox One is out there are plenty of deals on the Xbox 360.

Great for: Still a great option for gaming and now a fantastic bargain.

Price at time of update = £159.00.



#4 – Sony PlayStation 3 Super Slim 12GB


Sony Playstation 3 Super Slim - TOUK

Still proving to be a great console is the Sony PlayStation 3 Super Slim. The PS3 won the living room battle over the Xbox 360 due to the built-in Blu-Ray drive as well as delivering some great games and amazing graphics. With an extensive online gaming network (though not as secure or expansive as Xbox Live) the PlayStation Network allows great collaborative gameplay on some great PS gaming franchise games.

Great for: Still a great option for gaming and now a fantastic bargain with the added bonus of a Blu-Ray player built it.

Price at time of update = £162.47.



#5 – Nintendo 3DS XL


Nintendo 3DS XL - TOUK

Nintendo are the undisputed Kings of this form factor and this latest incarnation of the 3DS is truly fantastic.  Perfect for mobile gaming and giving access to a range of charmingly simple games that don’t let you put the 3DS XL down for second it truly is a fantastic gaming handheld.

Great for:  People who want to game on the go and love the charm of simple graphics and some great gaming titles.

Price at time of update = £182.





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