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The Best AirPlay Speakers For 2015

Here is a our list of the best AirPlay speakers available out there right now. Updated for April 2015.

When it comes to picking out the best AirPlay speaker for you it is important to make sure that you understand the features you actually want. Wanting a great sounding speaker that supports AirPlay and is within your budget just isn’t enough any more :)

You need to think about whether you want a speaker that is going to stay in one fixed location, or whether you want to take it with you when you move around the house, or even take it with you outside.  You need to think about how important other methods of connection (like Bluetooth, DLNA, wired USB, Ethernet etc) are to you and how well they will suit the range of devices you want to use with it.  Do you want it to have an option to be made part of a multiroom system that allows you to play the same content around your home on different devices?

There really is a lot to think about and we have tried to indicate some of the best options on our listed speakers below.  We hope you find this list useful and if you have any suggestions for additions then please add them in the comments or email us at


#1 – Sony SRS-X9 HQ Wifi AirPlay Speaker


Sony SRS-X9 HQ Wifi AirPlay Speaker

This incredible unit from Sony not only sounds fantastic but also features an amazing array of connectivity options. AirPlay, Wifi, NFC, Bluetooth and even cabled, the SRS-X9 is incredible value. Designed for use in a large room, this goes head-to-head with the mighty B&W A7, and at half the price and featuring the range of connectivity, it is the clear winner.

Great for: Those who want a large-room sound, want a range of connection options and don’t want to break the bank.

Price at time of update= £329.99. 



#2 – The B&W A7 AirPlay Speaker


B&W A7 AirPlay Speaker

Amazing sound and with the great build quality that you expect from B&W this fantastic speaker is their current flagship and is designed for use in a large room at some as the centrepiece of your audio experience. Perfect for lounges or larger rooms.  If you want a great experience in a smaller room then try out the A5 instead.

Great for: Those who want a large-room sound from a premium and prestigious brand, though at a premium price.

Price at time of update= £699.00. 

B&W A5 price = £399.00.



#3 – Audio Pro Allroom Air One Speaker with AirPlay And DLNA


Audio Pro Allroom Air One - TOUK

This hefty (14KG) offering from Audio Pro is simply fantastic.  It comes with 4-speakers built in, each with a dedicated amp and though a little boxy the build quality and finish belies the quality of the product and sound.  It really is impressive and gives a great room-filling sound that definitely deserves you putting this great AirPlay speaker in the centre of your audio setup.  The speaker also comes with a smartphone app for iOS and Android and support for DLNA means it will work with pretty much anything over wireless.  It even has a TOSLINK input.  Quality product and really good value.

Great for: Those who want a large-room sound from a quality speaker who with a great finish.

Price at time of update = £299.00.




#4 – The Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200


Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200

Featuring great room-filling sound this great speaker gives the A7 a run for its money and also features Bluetooth connectivity.  Like the A7 it also has a little brother.  The Minx Air 100 gives the A5 a run for its money too.

Great for: People who want a room-filling sound but aren’t put off by the plain looks.

Price at time of update = £349.95.

 Minx Air 100 price = £249.95.


#5 – AZATOM Stealth-Air 2A Speaker with Airplay, Bluetooth & WiFi 


AZATOM Stealth-Air 2A Speaker with Airplay

The AZATOM Stealth-Air 2A Speaker features Airplay, Bluetooth and WiFi. You can also plug in you device directly. This powerful system comes with the latest class of HD Amplifier for really great audio quality. In addition to AirPlay, Bluetooth and Wifi, you can also stream your music wirelessly from Spotify, Deezer and other online streaming services including Internet Radio.

Great for: People who want a great sound, at a great price with great connectivity options.

Price at time of update = £129.99.



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